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any thoughts on gender neautral bathrooms

For some reason or another I was thinking about gender neutral bathrooms. I agree completely that that choice should be available. Some people just don't fit a gender by choice or not by choice dammit! However, and don't kill me, I do think that the option for seperate bathrooms shoudl be available. Here's my deal. I was sexually abused as a younger child and would feel very uncomfy if a man were to be using the stall next to me. I feel like a shit for feeling this way. I wish I could get over my uncomfort level so taht everyone would feel that gender doesn't matter etc...because I know deep down it doesn't. Not every man is going to hurt me just because he is a man. Any thoughts??
Gender sucks...I agree. So why do I have to feel affected by it!?! I wish I could just get over my past so that people who feel that htey have no gender or are the opposite gender mentally or have both can feel comfy going into a bathroom.
I must say though, that when I went to the lgbtq midwest conference, I was fine using hte gender neautral bathroom. Must have been because I knew that most of the "men" using the stall next to me were probably gay. I shouldn't assume. It's all in my head.
Bottom line is that I want gender neautral bathrooms, but yet I worry about my saftey because of my past. Any thoughts?
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